Salesforce Integration user

Salesforce has recently announced 5xintegration user licenses at TrailblazerDX’23. Learn more about this new license in the release notes.

What does it mean to you

If you are using salesforce and have integrations connecting to or from your CRM, you are probably using one or more salesforce licenses for integration purposes. With this announcement you can;

  • Migrate all of your integration user to this dedicated API only system-to-system user license at fractional cost
  • You get 5 dedicated licenses as part of your package depending on the edition (Performance, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions).
  • You could buy more licenses at $10 per user per month if you consumed the allocated licenses


How to see your allotment

From setup, navigate to company information. under user licenses you can see the total allocated licenses, used licenses and depending on your profile permission, you can buy more licenses if needed.

Assigning the license and advantages

Dedicating a different user to each integration restricts those users to a unique subset of data, giving you more control over operations and better traceability of transactions made at every integration point. With this user license, orgs with many integrations can more easily follow the best practice of having one user per integration. The Salesforce Integration user license grants a user access to Salesforce data and features only through an API.

Assign the Salesforce Integration user license to new or existing users that are dedicated to an integration. Assign the Salesforce API Only System Integrations profile to ensure the API is enabled and the user is limited to interact with Salesforce via the API. Use the Salesforce Integration API permission set license to extend and restrict specific user and object permissions. This user license is designed for system-to-system integrations. It may not be used for human users to access Salesforce data or features through any user interface. For more information about the user license and what permissions are available when assigned, see Salesforce Help: Give Integration Users API Only Access.


Final Thoughts

Are you interested in knowing more about the salesforce integration user licenses?. Reach out to EminenceVSP’s team to help you get started.

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