Working with Eminence VSP

At Eminence VSP, we strive to create a workplace where every team member is treated equally, given equal opportunity & responsibility. This enables us to be a productive and accountable workforce. Our business and reputation are built on our ethics and organizational values, we credit our success to this transparent approach.

We highly value the community we work in and strongly believe that our colleagues not just filling the role but are people who come from different backgrounds, have different interests and are varied in talents and skill sets. We at Eminence VSP welcome you to bring your whole self to our work.

In the current day and age of the internet and digitalisation, the field of opportunity is at your fingertips. As a result, expectations are higher, especially in a workplace and we want your time to be spent on something meaningful.

We are growing and always looking for like-minded people. If Eminence VSP resonates with you, then do get in touch with us. If you do not see a suitable position but want to be part of our success story, do reach out to us with your CV and why you want to work at Eminence VSP to

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Why Eminence VSP

Our mission is to conduct business in a responsible, ethical and purpose-driven manner. Our company code and mission statements make us who we are.


we promote a strong culture of transparency at our company and also with our clients. As a result, we can have an open, honest and authentic relationship and collaborate effectively.


At Eminence VSP, we believe in equal opportunity & responsibility enabling a productive and accountable workforce. we want your time to be spent on something meaningful.


We work in a fast-paced environment and have to adapt constantly to new features, products, and customers. With that comes numerous opportunities and a positive impact on growth.

Work-Life Balance

We follow the 80-20 rule giving you the opportunity to focus the 20 on what matters to you.


Control never promotes growth and we practice that at eminence VSP by offering flexible working for all our colleagues.

Employee Benefits

At Eminence VSP, we value our employees

Flexible working

Control never promotes growth and we practice that. We offer flexible working for all our colleagues.

Bring your Pet to work

We love pets and know that just their presence can be put a smile on the face.

Salesforce Certification

We will pay for and allow you time to develop and hone the skill required both personally and professionally to excel in your career.


We host events with team members. May it be dedicating time to a social responsibility event or just sitting down and having a chat.

Bonus Scheme

We offer. a comprehensive bonus and everyone is eligible.

Health Care

We offer private health care and as an added bonus provide certified, expert-led, one-on-one sessions with our in-house expert for all-around wellness.