Salesforce Health Analysis

Health analysis is a crucial step to understanding how your org is performing and getting the most out of the investment in the CRM platform. At Eminence VSP, our health check services are usually aimed at companies who already bought salesforce and the goal is to regularly review and propose ways to enhance and improve your organization’s health and security. These services will not only look at performance improvements for internal users but also the customer-facing side.

Our Services

Basic health check to look at your overall salesforce health. This entails documenting license usage, org limitation, critical update reviews, salesforce release readiness, list of products purchased and renewal dates and org build analysis.

Comprehensive health check to look a bit more into detail under the hood. This documents entails roles, profiles, object and fields limitations and usage, performance tests, automation test etc.

The initial session is to understand your business and the current pain points. We might sit down for a show and tell with your team to look at the current processes. The outcome of this workshop will be to determine the goals for your salesforce instance.

We will produce a detailed document of the finding with the proposed solution and the next steps.

The goal of this session is to take away the finding and the solutions proposed and implement them according to the salesforce best practices. We will also help you set up Salesforce COE to stay on top and avoid any pitfalls.


Basic EminenceVSP Health check

£ 1400

2-3 days
Comprehensive EminenceVSP Health check

£ 1700

3-5 days
EminenceVSP Health Check + Bugfix
5-7 days

Why EminenceVSP

Just like your passion reflects in your business, ours is all about Salesforce. We are based in London with over 8+ years of experience implementing and actioning all that Salesforce has to offer for different types of businesses. Taking that experience forward with EminenceVSP, we aim to support start-ups and SMB specifically in salesforce implementations. Beyond passion for Salesforce, a happy client is what drives us and catering to their unique needs is our priority. Here are our pillars of code that define our work

Scalable solutions

Our solutions are as per salesforce best practices and are in line with the salesforce releases. So you don’t have to worry about maintenance or adding further enhancements to the project.

Low code

We believe in low code and low maintenance. Salesforce offers a wide array of tools that our expert will choose for your use case to leverage the best out of the platform.

Client as priority

We understand that startups or small businesses often do not have a massive budget or time to invest in a salesforce project. So, we will work with you to get the best out of salesforce at an affordable prices and quick turnaround speeds.


Be it an agile, waterfall, behaviour-driven development (BDD), or other framework; we will adopt a methodology that fits your needs to implement salesforce to help you achieve profitability.

Trusted Advisors

Our team will guide you throughout the implementation process with integrity and transparency, always going that extra mile.

Are you ready for your salesforce transformation journey?