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About ONE Homes

ONE Homes are holistic placemakers, focussed on the development of high-quality lifestyle-centric living spaces in Pakistan. Established by a group of international real estate experts, the company leads the market with the highest standards of international best practices and a customer-centric approach.

We are proud to be a thorough client-centric organisation with our customers at the heart of our business’s philosophy and operations. Through a design-led approach, our business strategy is to tailor-make market-leading developments with the needs and requirements of our clients at the heart of the process.


Our Customer has previously used salesforce with unsuccessful implementations over a period. Having lost trust in the system, they have downgraded their licenses to a salesforce platform license and implemented shadow processes for operations.

Some of the other challenges were:

  • Little to no visibility on Pipeline.
  • Data was skewed.
  • Lack of communication between the business teams.
  • KPIs were not accurate.
  • Most of the business processes needed manual interventions.


After the discovery sessions and understanding our client’s pain points, we first advised upgrading the licenses from platform to Enterprise with Service cloud licenses. This license type includes both Sales and Service, was within our client’s budget, and the added bonus was the option of service cloud feature. when our clients expand their business and want to provide their customers with better support, the licenses are readily available, giving them the advantage of venturing into the domain of service cloud with confidence.
Following that, with Zapier integrated into Facebook Ads manager and salesforce, the campaign management was handled by the standard campaign object. This not only helped tag the campaign to campaign members but also helped understand clicks, leads generated, the total spend and ROI.
Lead object with round-robin allocated leads to appropriate team members. Einstein activity capture and Einstein Lead scoring standardised the Lead qualification process.
Opportunity, opportunity teams, chatter and opportunity scoring improved the closing rate. Pipeline and forecasting gave the stakeholders a better understanding of what’s in the funnel and how to better manage and nurture opportunities.
Finally, the reports and Dashboards, followed by data loading, gave the c-suit team access to the high-level metrics at our client’s fingers tips.

Key results

As a result of EminenceVSP’s well-communicated and successful implementations, Our client’s manual interventions were replaced with automated business processes resulting in productivity.
With the Sales cloud working for them, our client’s sales have increased by 35%, and so has the trust in the platform. Now, one of our client’s KPIs is user adoption, and new employees require mandatory training on the platform, which showcases how quickly and easily a sale can be made.

“After using salesforce for 7 years, I understood that having the right team and knowledge is critical for the success of your business. From development to deployment, they have walked us through everything and provided a 5-star service that has been missing within previous salesforce implementations. I highly recommend EminenceVSP! ”

Aqib Hassan

Chief Commercial Officer

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